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IS blamed for mass Yazidi grave found near Sinjar, Iraq

US Democratic debate: Candidates spar on gun control

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN IRAN, a letter to the UN Security Council from Reza Pahlavi & Report

CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY IN IRAN by The Official YouTube Channel of Reza Pahlavi

Some US politicians are suggesting alternative methods to execute criminals such as ... the firing squads. Madness !!
PS. Firstly they should reform their justice system because innocents are staying in prisons and even executed. Secondly, the death sentences should be abolished in the USA ...

Outrage at Syrian rebel shown 'eating soldier's heart'

Germany pursues Auschwitz guards

Cleveland kidnapper Ariel Castro found hanged in cell. He was sentenced on 1 August to life imprisonment without parole plus 1,000 years. The house was demolished...

Gabrielle Giffords launches gun control campaign

Americans for Responsible Solutions

Malala, the Pakistani girl who survived a murderous attack by Talibans: "I want to serve the people and I want every girl, every child, to be educated and for that reason we have organised the Malala Fund."

National Rifle Association, USA

NRA The National School Shield

Along the lines of despotism on one side and fundamentalism on the other side...

Death Penalty News


Aurora cinema massacre: James Holmes 'mentally ill

Viewpoint: What is Osama Bin Laden's place in history?

Crime and Justice, UK

Amazon Watch

Obama gay marriage stance divides US

Obama: "Same sex couples should be able to get married"

BBC Archive The Gay Rights Movement

Death of Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden in Al Jazeera

Pictures show Obama as he watched Osama raid unfold

Germany arrests three al-Qaeda suspects

Baquba ambulance suicide bomber targets Iraq police

Bangladesh girl 'lashed to death'

US kidnap victim Jaycee Dugard has said her life was stolen when she was abducted by Phillip and Nancy Garrido at the age of 11, and she hated every second of her 18 years in captivity.

Pakistan militants killed 2,500 in 2010, report says

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan

Christian areas targeted in Baghdad attacks

Rapport on human rights in Iran

No to stoning, no to executions!

Thaddeus Hutyra: If Sakineh M Ashtiani lived in France she would have a good life, perhaps she would be a lawyer and certainly a loving mother. I appeal here to president Sarkozy and his wife to petition the Iran's government on her behalf. No human being should ever be stoned or hanged, and this rule should be universal one...

“France will not abandon you.” Carla Bruni has joined the clamor of voices around the world which is calling for clemency for Ashtiani...

Dutch Catholic sex abuse exposed


Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula

Into the Satan's arms

'Safe' climate means 'no to coal'...

Another Brick In The Wall (Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!) 

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, USA/FBI

Russian activist found murdered


Britain to probe Iraq 'abuse' video

Exposed.. squad of British soldiers beat teenage Iraqis and shame their country...

Iraqi priest: “There’s no such thing as moderate Islam…ISIS represents Islam one hundred percent”

New York City to pay Garner family $5.9m in choking death

Iraq conflict: Civilians suffering 'staggering' violence - UN

UN sounds alarm on human rights in east of Ukraine

World Human Rights Centre

Net child porn at 'epidemic' scale

Operation Predator

US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Missouri gun murders 'rose after law repeal'

Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research

Egypt on high alert as Mohammed Morsi goes on trial

India gang rape: New Year celebrations scaled back.
"Six men raped her one by one and then used an iron rod to tear her vagina-
Small intestine and large intestine came out
They left her to die on the road..."

Boston Marathon bombing: FBI faces Tamerlan Tsarnaev questions

Boston marathon bombs suspect captured

Boston Marathon bombing: FBI reveals pressure cooker clues

Boston marathon: More details emerge about the victims

Newtown gunman Adam Lanza 'had weapons arsenal'

Young Pakistani campaigner shot
A 14-year-old who has campaigned for girls' education is shot and injured in the Swat Valley in north-west Pakistan...

Supreme Court of Pakistan

Survivors of the massacre in Syria's Houla region have told the BBC of their shock and fear as regime forces entered their homes and killed their families...


Stakelbeck on Terror with Geert Wilders May 8, 2012 - CBN TV

Norway killer is declared insane
Psychiatrists assessing self-confessed Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik conclude he is a paranoid schizophrenic and should be treated as such.

A Message from Layla Kayleigh in support of the Amazon Rainforest

Amazon Watch

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 1: The Threat Doctrine of Shariah & the Muslim Brotherhood

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 2: 'Civilization Jihad' in America

Muslim Brotherhood in America, Part 10: What's To Be Done?

Atlas Shrugs

Islam in Europa

International Free Press Society

Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic arrested

US reveals Bin Laden leak fears

Death of Osama bin Laden

In pictures: Osama Bin Laden's life

Gaddafi 'launching cluster bombs'
Pro-Gaddafi forces in Libya are accused by human rights campaigners of using cluster bombs, banned by more than 100 countries.

Pakistan Christians bury murdered leader Shahbaz Bhatti

Death Penalty Information Center, USA

Deadly blast at Egyptian church
At least 21 people have been killed at a Egyptian church...

Kosovo medics accused of trafficking kidneys

G20 to tackle US-China currency concerns

The hunt for the last Nazis...

North Korea: Secretive state

Al-Qaeda in Pakistan is top threat, says US report

US puts Muslim cleric on terror blacklist

'Chemical Ali' executed in Iraq

Office of Special Investigations

French Jewish murder trial opens

Chemical Weapons Convention
Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
Protocol on Incendiary Weapons
Field Artillery Falluja report
NC Times Falluja report
US Department of Defense
Corrente blog
Daily Kos blog
Liberals Against Terror blog

Pakistani journalist Saleem Shahzad found dead, bestially murdered by Al Qaeda.

New Zealand mine: 'No survivors' after second blast - Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Ein Moslem sagt die Warheit "Araber können nicht selbstständig denken!"

Moscow Helsinki Group (in Russian)

Prosecutors in Norway have called for self-confessed mass killer Anders Behring Breivik to be considered insane...

Saudi Arabia 'to execute more than 50 ... '

Tyranic country soon the most powerful country on Earth? Rule of law in China, a country which locks up its lawyers ...

Mexico drug lord Joaquin Guzman used tunnel for prison break. Corruption, the reason ?!

World Human Rights Centre
World Human Rights Center

Five guilty of killing Russian journalist Politkovskaya

20 children murdered alongside with their teachers !
As nation mourns, investigators try to figure out what led to tragedy in Newtown, Conn. ,USA. Lanza shot his mother, Nancy Lanza, drove to the school in her car with at least three guns, including a high-powered rifle that he apparently left in the back of the vehicle, and shot up two classrooms around 9:30 a.m. Friday, law enforcement officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Newtown shootings: Gun debate flares as funerals begin

A Plea of 47 courageous political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Ward 350 of Evin Prison. They are in desperate need of even basic medical and humanitarian care. Translated Letter Courtesy of Ahmad Fatemi and 'The Campaign To Free Political Prisoners in Iran'

Ohio women were held with ropes and chains, police say

Rescued Cleveland women 'repeatedly raped by captors'

Oscar Pistorius trial: Murder verdicts ruled out

"Peace out, everybody!"...

Canada 'honour' killings: Shafia family found guilty

French gun suspect 'wants to die'

Muslim Brotherhood in America: The Overview

EU: Police cooperation and access to information

Al-Qaeda underwear bomber 'was double agent'

Nigeria girls' abduction: US deploys manned planes

Japan one year later

Nearly 20% of women in the US are raped, study reveals

New incest case with Fritzl echoes shocks Austrians. Police in Austria have arrested a man suspected of imprisoning and sexually abusing his two daughters in his village home over 40 years.

Breivik trial: Shoe thrown at Norway mass killer

Why was the US military teaching 'total war' on Islam?

CIA waterboarding tapes revealed

America's child death shame

Every Child Matters

Once more about Osama bin Laden and his death, as rememberance justice finally can reach anyone who is a criminal...

What was life like in the Bin Laden compound?

'Al-Qaeda assassin worked for MI6', secret cables claim

Al-Qaeda 'Afghan number two' Abdul Ghani killed - Nato

Moscow bombing: Carnage at Russia's Domodedovo airport

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani from being Stoned to Death in Iran...

Fear For Iranian Woman Facing Death By Stoning


Iran TV airs 'confession' from woman facing stoning

Iran's grim history of death by stoning

Radio Free Europe

George Clooney call to freeze Sudan leader's assets

Thomas Hockenbury, Facebook

Thomas Hockenbury's Photos - "The Jihad President"

UN Commission on Human Rights
Amnesty International
ICRC: Geneva Conventions

Report claims CIA used 'torture'...

Jackson death ruled as homicide

US engineer sold military secrets to China

Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Marc Dutroux and other paedophiles

Wikileaks New
WikiLeaks has anounced a move to a Swiss domain:

Josef Fritzl sentenced to life imprisonment

Fritzl hears daughter's testimony...

Spies 'not monitored' in Europe

Hurricanes and global warming 
- a link?

Alleged Mafia boss John "Junior" Gotti Jr charged in murder cases...

European Court of Human Rights

International Commission of Jurists

Anti-terror tactics 'weaken law'...

Memri TV
Latest Clips...concerns
the Moslem World...

Girl under 15 married every seven seconds, says Save the Children

Yazidi survivors of IS abuse 'neglected by international community'

Germany manhunt: 'IS link' to bomb suspect Al-Bakr

Iranian writer given long jail term for story about stoning

Iraq violence: IS bombing kills 125 Ramadan shoppers in Baghdad

Cologne attackers were of migrant origin

Cologne attacks: New Year's Eve crime cases top 500

Italian student Giulio Regeni's body found in Egypt

Cologne Carnival: Police record 22 sexual assaults

Syria war: Thousands fleeing fighting mass at Turkey border

Turkey charges Kurd over ... lemon

Colin Duffy says 'DNA planted' in get-away car

Terror suspect defence law passes
The House of Representatives passes a defence bill including provisions to put terror suspects into military custody and permit indefinite detention.

Hicks to serve nine months' jail...

Minister visits Iraq 'mole' widow


US Department of Defense
Missile Defense Agency

Irrawaddy updates

Nice attack: Witnesses describe Bastille Day terror

Nice: The 'heartbreaking' picture of the attack

Nice attack: What we know about the Bastille Day killings

Attack on Nice: Five held by French police

Islamic State committing genocide against Yazidis, says UN

Iraq sees worst bombing since invasion with 250 deaths

Palmyra: 'Mass grave' in recaptured Syrian city

'Church makes gay lives hell' - priest

Vatican criticised in resignation letter from gay priest

Challenge to Pope as 'gay lobby' talk fills Vatican

National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey

Vatican 'speeds up' abuse cases

Australian Department of Immigration


Family Watchdog, USA

BP oil disaster

Europe's anti-terror capacity...
EU: Freedom, Security and Justice
Euractiv: Anti-terrorism policy

BBC Video and Audio

Berlusconi to be tried for fraud

The British Monarchy

Queensland Police, Australia

What is it? Is this world gone MAD ?

Orlando shooting: Obama condemns LGBT discrimination

Syria conflict: Eastern Aleppo faces 'total ruin' in two months

Syria conflict: US calls for Russia and Syria war crimes probe

US presidential debate: Trump launches ferocious attack on Clintons

Jo Cox MP dead after shooting attack

Death Penalty Information Center

Death Penalty News

Germanwings crash: Pilot confidentiality 'should be relaxed'

Bangladesh mourns victims of Dhaka cafe attack

Israeli girl stabbed to death by Palestinian inside bedroom

The Martin Luther King Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change

FBI updates rape-victim definition to include men

Against government's crime: Chinese artist Ai Weiwei pays bond to appeal tax demand...

Foreign medical workers among 10 killed in Afghanistan

British report says Iraq war may have helped terrorists gain strength

A World Without Israel

Think Again: Yasir Arafat

Amnesty says Iraq abuses continue

American Enterprise Institute

Royal Air Force

Royal Navy

Mumbai Police, India

Politics on Video
Google Video

Reporters Without Borders (RSF)

Frantic hunt in Iraq bomb rubble...

Obama ends young migrant deportations

Miami cannibal not on 'bath salts'
The Miami man who chewed the face off a homeless person had marijuana in his system...

Syria conflict: US suspends talks with Russia

Miami-Dade County Coroner

Russian Muslim 'catacomb sect' faces cruelty charges.
Police discovered 27 children and 38 adults living in catacomb-like cells in an eight-level underground bunker.



Pictures of Uday and Qusay released

The end of the beginning, 
Gulf News

Gallup Europe

Houston police, USA

World Economic Forum
Davos Conversation


Burma: Orwellian state, with teashops

SA police service

Council of Europe

Gunman kills 31 at US university...

New Zealand government
Israeli government

China to expand lethal injections...

...snapshot of the extent of surveillance across Europe...

Homeless man denies Arizona priest killing


German policeman arrested in possible 'cannibal' case

Patrice Lumumba: 50 Years Later, Remembering the U.S.-Backed Assassination of Congo's First Democratically Elected Leader


Texan executed for daughters' deaths
"The only statement I want to make is that I am an innocent man convicted of a crime I did not commit," Willingham said. "I have been persecuted for 12 years for something I did not do."...

Well,what if he indeed did not commit the crime...Someone else might have done it...

...insisted he was not responsible for the blaze that killed two-year-old Amber and one-year-old twins Karmon and Kameron while their mother was away.

Amnesty: Torture pattern
 in Iraq
CNN Coverage

CIA tortured me, says Iran envoy...

Triomf van terrorisme: Benazir Bhutto gedood bij aanslag...
Pakistan: Dossier overzicht

Gay protest broken up in Moscow
Gay Russia

Culture of Human Rights

Corporate Criminals

Welcome to Criminology
Criminology as a field of study examines the existence of crime from cause to consequence.


Pistorius 'begged God to keep her alive'. Oscar Pistorius was 'praying, crying, torn apart' after shooting, witness says ...




Blair Denies Britain Distorted Intelligence Reports on Iraq
Blair Faces Investigations on Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction
Hutton visits Dr Kelly's family

The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations
Partnership for Peace....

Protection for Italy veil row MP

Site Institute
The Search for
 International Terrorist Entities

Don McCullin: Picturing the misery in Darfur

European Parliament

Carlos the Jackal faces new trial...

Alison Parker, 24 and cameraman Adam Ward , 27 murdered by Vester Lee Flanagan, ex employee ...

France train shooting: Attack 'was well prepared'


Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War
Children in War

Rights still an issue as FBI turns 100...
Federal Bureau of Investigations

Islamist Boko Haram in Nigeria
'to sell' abducted girls
The Nigerian Islamist militant group Boko Haram says it will "sell" the hundreds of schoolgirls it abducted three weeks ago, Islamist evil, indeed...

Timeline: Dr Kelly and the dossier
BBC hopes tape of Dr Kelly proves to be 'smoking gun'
Russian radio reports Dr Kelly`s death, Iraq row in UK
Electrodes on chest 'unusual'
Key questions that Lord Hutton
 wants answered
Kelly's final phone calls revealed

French defence ministry

White House/9/11 Commission/

Police 'shot at Tibet protesters'...

Polish prime minister
Polish police website

Russia police 'regularly torture'

Key findings: 7 July report
A detailed report into 
the 7 July 2005 bomb attacks
 on London

Climate Crisis
An Inconvenient Truth

For Victims of Tsunami in Asia

Disasters Emergency Committee/World Food Programme/Medicins Sans Frontieres/Oxfam/Islamic Relief/Unicef/
Save the Children/Care International/
Cafod/Islamic Aid/Muslim Hands/British 
Red Cross
/Medair/World Vision/Christian Aid/Tearfund/Concern/International Rescue Committee/Salvation Army/
Muslim Aid/UN refugee agency/UNHCR/
Christian Aid/Action Aid/Hindu Forum Disaster Relief Task Force/

Terrorism Experts
Reducing Risk Through Intelligence

Europe diary: German might

Center for Constitutional Rights

Crown Prosecution Service,UK

Iranian presidency
War On Terrorism
'Plot to kill' Putin thwarted
Report: Plot to kill Putin foiled

UN Security Council/North Korean state news agency/Russian foreign ministry/Chinese foreign ministry

Armenians suffered "genocide" 
at the hands of the Turks...

'Agent' Putin returns to Dresden...
Putin returns to the German city 
where he was once a KGB agent

Procurator's office (in Russian)

Chechen war reporter found dead...


Human Rights Watch report on dedovshchina

Kelly family attacks government hypocrisy

The legacy of the Hutton Inquiry

Lawyer: Iraqi Weapons Expert Was 
a Tool in Government Battle with BBC

VOA News
25 Sep 2003

Iraq is new battlefront against US, says tape

Al-Qaida likely weakened by terror war, but Osama bin Laden's ideology and legacy of terror grows around world, experts say

Pakistan continues border offensive

Pakistan turns up heat 
on al-Qaida

Guide to religions

UN Security Council

North Korean government

North Korean news agency KCNA

IUCN Red List
Threatend Species

Garry Kasparov jailed over rally...

Metropolitan Police, UK

Punjab Governor Salman Taseer assassinated in Islamabad, Pakistan

Two held over Berg beheading

USA: Pattern of brutality and cruelty
 -- war crimes at Abu Ghraib
...Despite claims this week by Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld to be "stunned" by abuses in Abu Ghraib, and that these were an "exception" and "not a pattern or practice", Amnesty International has presented consistent allegations of brutality and cruelty by US agents against detainees at the highest levels of the US Government, including the White House, the Department of Defense, and the State Department for the past two years...

Iraqi Detainees Want Rumsfeld Arrested, Tried
Rumsfeld 'backed prisoner abuse'
How a secret Pentagon program 
came to Abu Ghraib
Iraqi abuse video shown in US
Iraq abuse 'came from Guantanamo'
US 'abuse' soldier back in court
Her lawyers say she was acting under orders from superiors...
Abu Ghraib report 'spreads blame'

Abuse of Iraq's prisoners, to be remembered...

Rise of far right alarms Germans...
Mein Fuehrer: The Truly Truest Truth about Adolf Hitler
Pfe..., what an abnormal nostalgy! Adolf Hitler was a psychpat who killed 50 mln people worldwide and he should have been treated 50 mln times with a lethal injection, according to the USA standards...
Austria probes 'army Nazi video'

Ten 'most polluted places' named...


Nostradamus Online
...When the prophecies-within-prophecies are deciphered, the hidden timeline of World War III is revealed. You will read about Osama Bin Laden, the next major terrorist attack on the US, war with Iran, the nuclear destruction of Rome, a confrontation between the US and China/Russia, and great detail on the timing and the course of World War III...

Terrorism - Selected Resources
Terrorism at FT On-Line

A sombre Charles Taylor faces court

Global alliance aims to tackle forest crime

Interpol's Environmental Crime Programme

Poetry: Heartbeat / Quo Vadis / Hello ! / Wings of Love / Catharsis / Rebel Heart / Universe of Love / Symphony of Life / Phantom of the Soul / Guardians of Universe / Land of Adventure / Ode to Life / Sparks of Freedom / Freedom Now / Dreamland / Tango of Life / Lover / Symphony of Free Spirits / Love You / Rebel Lovers, Rebel Hearts / Troubadour / Californian Girl / Symphony of Love / War and Peace / Heartland / Love Story / To Liberty ! / Szklana Kurtyna, tom 1: Ucieczka / Szklana Kurtyna, tom 2: Strategia Beehive

Al-Qaeda calls on US to convert

Rajasthan police, India
Metropolitan Police, UK

Pakistan wedding women alive, rights campaigners say

US to support gay rights abroad. The US vows to fight for homosexual rights abroad by using foreign aid and diplomacy, declaring gay rights an inalienable human right. Hillary Clinton declares 'gay rights are human rights'Remarks in Recognition of International Human Rights Day by Hillary Clinton

United States Central 
Command - Links
Royal Regiment of Fusiliers

Bureau of Justice Statistics

Iranian foreign ministry

Italian justice ministry

Alive in Bagdad

BBC Video and Audio


Background Checks by Accurate Information Systems

Der Spiegel/Daily Telegraph/Die Zeit/El Mundo/El Pais/La Vanguardia/L'Express/Le Figaro/Le Monde/New York Times/Niezawisimaja Gazieta/Observer/The New York Observer/The Guardian/The Independent/Süddeutsche Zeitung/Argumenty i Fakty/Moscow Times/Russia Journal/Interfax/Izvestia/Vyedomosti/
Washington Post/Warsaw Voice


Forty years in solitary confinement and counting

Solitary Watch

In the Land of the Free

Louisiana State Penitentiary


CNSAS archive

Economist Intelligence Unit

Guardia Civil

Save Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani Campaign - Alliance for Kurdish Rights

Moroccan jailed over 9/11 attack...

9/11 Commission/ABC/The Path To 9/11/America's Day of Terror/
September 11 - BBC History

China: Two Tibetans set themselves alight in Sichuan
Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej

Defense UK/

Country Profiles, A to Z

North Korea: Secretive state

The death of Saddam Hussein

Interpol/Swiss police

Australia Fires

Liege attack: Belgian police find body in killer's shed

Runaway US girl Jakadrien Turner deported to Colombia

Simon Wiesenthal Centre


Yad Vashem, Jerusalem, is the Jewish people’s memorial to the murdered Six Million and symbolizes the ongoing confrontation with the rupture engendered by the Holocaust. Containing the world’s largest repository of information on the Holocaust, Yad Vashem is a leader in Shoah education, commemoration, research and documentation....

Humane Society of the United States/American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals/People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta)/NFL

Marc Dutroux process

See No Evil, Hear No Evil...

Marc Dutroux in Google

600 may testify in child-killer trial

Crime Stoppers
The Worldwide Importance of
Crime Stoppers International

Bernstein Crisis Management

The Opus Dei Awareness Network, Inc. (ODAN) was founded in 1991 to meet the growing demand for accurate information about Opus Dei and to provide education, outreach and support to people who have been adversely affected by Opus Dei...

Inside the A-Bomb Bazaar
Evidence mounts that Pakistani scientists sold nuclear know-how to a triad of rogue nations


Police certain they have car 
used in girl's abduction

Barbaric rapist jailed 
for indefinite term

Vatican renews ban 
on gay priests

Vatican 'probes Legion of Christ priests over child abuse'

Facing up to Morocco's hidden fear
Moroccan communications ministry
Prime minister and government
IER (in French)

Former U.S. spies want to 
come in from the cold

Ex-Soviet-bloc defectors hope to force CIA to pay them lifetime compensation

...a day after publication of a photo of the prince wearing a swastika armband at a friend's costume party...palace says prince won't visit Auschwitz...

Fury intensifies over Prince Harry's fancy dress swastika
Andy Pike, from Unite Against Fascism, said: "Prince Harry has had a very expensive education, is supposedly fit to be an officer serving in his country's armed forces and one would assume he is not a complete idiot"...

What would Diana say, unamused Germany asks 'disgusting' Harry

Harry to get 'Holocaust' invite

Beth Shalom Holocaust Centre

San Quentin State Prison

"He told a libel hearing in London in 2000 that there had been no gas chambers at the Auschwitz camp"

'Some even claim that Hitler was the best friend the Jews had in Germany, and that he actively worked to protect them.'

Holocaust Denial
The Holocaust
David Irving
Holocaust Education Trust

US dismisses Iran attack claims
Tehran accuses US of mind games
Nightmare scenario


Abu Ghraib guard draws 
10-year term

Graner deserved a death penalty- Iraqis

French justice ministry (in French)

US Department of Defense

Missile Defense Agency

Austrian frozen babies examined

British Ministry of Defence

Serbian government

Iranian foreign ministry


Ethical Insight

International Society for Animal Rights

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals


Interview concerning Moslem ideologies:
What's wrong with the Moslem World and why...
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